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Identify the Functions of Tow Dollies and Tow Hitches

A tow dolly is basically two wheels, a knife and a tongue, and allows you to tow almost any front wheel drive motor vehicle behind your motorized RV, without adding miles to your vehicle. Tow dollies are mostly used to add weight to the towing vehicle. Dollies weigh up anyplace from 500 to 1500 lbs, plus weight of the towed motor vehicle. In addition you may want to license your tow dolly.

A tow hitch is attached to the towing vehicle and to the towed vehicle. The linkup between coach and car has turn into an easy one-person operation.  Tow hitch are smaller and easier to store thank dollies while not in use. Front wheel drive, manual transmission vehicles can be towed with no modifications 4 wheels behind. Both methods of towing require proper maintenance to insure sustained safe use, and neither can be backed up while hooked up.

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Tips to Begin a Towing Business

Towing is one of the most wanted profit-making services today, making towing business reasonably a profitable venture. Still, because this form of a business is governed by stringent regulations for licensing and other procedures, a concrete and systematic business plan is a must in order to attain the preferred level of achievement in towing business. One of the most difficult parts of the starting a towing service business is obtaining a license.

In general, as a forthcoming business owner of a towing business, you might need to supply proof and details concerning the below.

1. Full list of all drivers who might be driving the tow truck

2. Report of the wrong background check of the driver

3. Bond, though the amount may be dissimilar in each state

4. Substantive evidence of a dependable driving record

5. wide-ranging inspection of all facilities and equipment

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