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Towing rankings is a premier catalog of towing services in the United States of America. We provide complete database of all towing companies in US. Redmon's Towing is located at Elgin, Illinois-60120, US. Please call us (847) 895-6162 for all the details involved in towing services.

Redmon's Towing Company
: Elgin
USDOT: 302578
: Illinois
MC-No: MC-268707
: 60120
Phone Number
: (847) 895-6162
: 15.67

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Redmond's towing in Schaumburg need to be shut down. They tow cars from apartment complexes that they have contracts with but neglect to make sure they have filed the contracted locations with the ICC. They towed my car twice in two days. The first time yes I forget to put my pass back up. I have no issue admitting fault for that, but my fiancť who is a cop went to get my car had to pay 180$ for less than a 24 hr period had words with the dispatcher in the office and told them they were all idiots and had low intelligence, so I put my pass back up in window and my fiancť made sure it was up and stayed up the next day. We ensured it was displayed properly before going in for the night and the next morning my car was gone again. Redmondís had towed my car and said they had a picture showing no parking pass hung. My fiancť told then they were lying and that the tow driver had slim jimmed my car but they denied all and said he never at any time entered my car at time of either tows. I filed a report with the Arlington Heights police and the officer pointed out to me that yes someone used a slim jim or similar tool and not only entered my car but damaged the door of a brand new car with only 16k miles. So I had to pay another 180$ to get my car, I filed complaints with the BBB and ICC only to find out Redmondís was in violation with them because they did not give them the contracted apartment building addresses and there for had no legal right to tow my car the first time. and now are by law required to reimburse me for both tows. I lose out on the repair to my car technically because they said I canít prove the driver broke into my car. I have pictures of damage and estimate ate was just under 500$ to repair it. My fiancť spoke with Bob Redmond personally and found that the Co. was already notified by the BBB and the ICC and was not happy. He told my fiancť that there was no way his driver did anything wrong and that there was no way the tool they use would damage my car even though my fiancť told him being a police officer they use the same exact tools and have to have people sign waivers saying they are not responsible for any damage because they can indeed cause damage. Bob stated to my fiancť that even though they did nothing wrong and he was willing to reimburse my for the second tow even though he knew he had to pay back both tows, he then told my fiancť that as well as paying me back for 2nd tow if I came into the tow co. and dropped my complaint he would have his guy inspect my car and repair the damage. I have 2 acquaintances that had worked for this Co. a few yrs ago and told me that they know firsthand that tow drivers have broken into cars in the past and stole parking passes out and then towed the cars because they have told their drivers to do so, she told me that I needed to take photos of my car now every night with a date and time stamp because they were known to go back and damage cars and spit all over the inside of them... REALLY? so now not only does Redmondís illegally tow cars but they technically break into them since they arenít authorized to be able to tow them, they steal parking passes and then try and say they didnít have one, they damage vehicles and then refuse to repair them because there is no physical proof. BUT now to add to the list they try and force people to drop the complaints against them by putting them in the position of not getting the damage repaired unless they drop the complaint. This Co. has many complaints over the last year with the BBB and bad reviews for very similar issues. They think that they are above the law and will never be responsible for their actions. I can't speak for the employees of their 3 other locations, only the Schaumburg location. But being they all are owned my same person well..... I have heard only good things about the head owner Dan Redmond but when we asked to speak directly to Dan we got the run around and could only speak to Bob Redmond. I wonder if Dan Redmond even knows how Bob and some of the employees are running his Company. Possible into the ground. This particular location needs to be investigated and I will be taking this as far as I can outside of the BBB and ICC.
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REDMON'S TOWING had been submitted for evaluation for Oct-2013 Towing Awards.REDMON'S TOWING has been selected as the No.2 best towing company of over 1500 companies nationwide. We sincerely congratulate REDMON'S TOWING for their wonderful performance in the month of Oct-2013. We at wish REDMON'S TOWING to continue their wonderful service and performance in future.

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