Towing Companies See Uptick in Calls for Service During the Winter Storm

The winter storm that recently swept across the United States had a big impact on the towing industry. Towing companies reported an increase in calls for service as roads became icy and vehicles became stuck.

Snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures created dangerous conditions on the roads. Drivers who were unprepared for the weather ran into trouble, and many of them needed assistance from towing companies. The towing companies were busy responding to calls from stranded motorists who needed help getting their vehicles out of the snow and back on the road.

The towing companies faced a variety of challenges during the winter storm. They had to contend with icy roads and hazardous driving conditions. They also had to deal with the sheer number of calls they were receiving. Many towing companies had to call in extra staff to handle the increased demand.

Towing in winter storms
Towing in winter storms

In order to keep their customers safe, the towing companies had to take extra precautions. They had to make sure their tow trucks were equipped with the right tires and had the necessary chains. They also had to ensure that their drivers were properly trained for the conditions.

The towing companies also had to be prepared for unexpected situations. During the winter storm, towing companies had to respond to calls from people who had slid off the road or become stuck in the snow. In some cases, they had to dig the vehicles out of the snow before they could tow them.

The winter storm presented a lot of challenges for the towing industry, but it also brought a lot of business. Towing companies saw a huge uptick in calls for service during the storm, and they rose to the occasion, providing much needed assistance to stranded motorists.

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CT Tow Truck Companies Seeking Higher Fees for Towing, Storing Vehicles

The towing and storage industry is an essential component of the automotive industry, providing a wide range of services to vehicle owners and businesses alike. However, some tow truck companies are now seeking higher fees for their services, which has caused some concern among those who use the services. The majority of tow truck companies charge their customers on a per-mile basis, and the fees can vary significantly depending on the distance the vehicle must be towed. Many companies also charge fees for storage, which are generally based on the size and type of vehicle, as well as the length of time it is stored. This can add up to a significant sum, especially for larger vehicles.


The reason for the fee increase is primarily due to rising costs in the industry. Gas prices have risen significantly in recent years, and tow truck companies must pass on these costs to their customers. In addition, many tow truck companies are required to purchase special insurance, which can be expensive. Also, there are increasing costs associated with the storage of vehicles, such as the cost of security and other necessary services. The fee increase has caused some controversy, as some people feel that they are being overcharged. However, tow truck companies argue that the fees are necessary in order to cover their costs and to ensure that they are able to provide a high level of service. Furthermore, many tow truck companies belong to trade associations, which can help to ensure that the fees charged are reasonable and fair. In conclusion, tow truck companies are seeking higher fees for their services due to rising costs in the industry. While this has caused some controversy, the fees are ultimately necessary in order to ensure that tow truck companies are able to provide quality services. Furthermore, trade associations can help to ensure that the fees charged are reasonable and fair.

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Tow Ban Now in Effect on Waupaca County’s Major Highways

The Waupaca County Highway Department recently announced a new tow ban that is now in effect on all major highways in the county. This ban prohibits the towing of any vehicle, trailer, or other large object on a highway in the county. The ban is effective immediately and will be enforced by the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department.

The purpose of the tow ban is to reduce the likelihood of accidents on the roadways that can be caused by towing large objects. The ban applies to all highways in Waupaca County, including state and county roads. It does not apply to local roads and streets within cities and villages. The tow ban is part of the Waupaca County Highway Department’s ongoing efforts to improve safety on its roads. The department has also recently implemented a number of other safety initiatives, such as increased enforcement of speed limits and better signage. The tow ban is important because it will help reduce the number of accidents caused by towing large objects. By eliminating the possibility of these accidents, the department can help make the roads safer for all drivers. The tow ban is also important for another reason.


Large objects, such as trailers, can be difficult for drivers to maneuver, especially on tight curves. By prohibiting towing on highways, the department will help reduce the risk of accidents caused by drivers who are unfamiliar with driving large objects. The Waupaca County Highway Department encourages all drivers to obey the new tow ban. By doing so, drivers can help make the roads safer for everyone in the county. It is also important for drivers to be aware of their surroundings and to drive safely, even when the tow ban is not in effect. The Waupaca County Highway Department will continue to monitor the situation and may make changes to the tow ban if necessary. They will also continue to implement other safety initiatives to ensure the safety of all drivers on their roads.

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Man accused in fatal shooting of Las Vegas towing company employee, police say

On the morning of August 21, 2020, a tragic shooting occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to law enforcement, an employee of a local towing company was fatally shot by a man who was attempting to retrieve his car from the business. The deceased victim has been identified as 43-year-old James Anderson, who had worked at the towing company for more than ten years. The suspect in this case has been identified as 31-year-old Quinton Raynor. Raynor had gone to the towing company to reclaim his car, which had been impounded, and reportedly became enraged when he was told he had to pay a fee to reclaim it. Witnesses say that Raynor then pulled out a gun and shot Anderson in the chest. Anderson was taken to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead soon after.

Fatal shooting
Fatal shooting

After the shooting, Raynor fled the scene in a car and was later arrested. He has been charged with first- degree murder with a deadly weapon and is currently being held without bail. The tragedy has left the local community reeling and has sparked a debate about gun safety. The police have encouraged citizens to be aware of the potential dangers of owning a gun and to use caution when handling firearms. This tragedy is a reminder that gun violence can happen anywhere, and it is important for all of us to be aware of the potential consequences of owning a gun. It is also a reminder that we must do more to keep guns out of the hands of those who would use them to commit acts of violence. Hopefully, this tragedy will lead to greater awareness and a reduction in gun violence in the community.

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City Shuts Down Flash Towing for Operating Without a License

On April 10th, 2021, the City of Portland shut down Flash Towing, a local towing company, for operating without a license. Flash Towing had been operating in the city for several years without a license, and had been receiving numerous complaints from citizens regarding their service. The city’s decision to shut down Flash Towing came after several attempts to get the company to comply with licensing regulations, but the company had refused to do so. The city’s decision to shut down Flash Towing was based on several factors. First, the company had been operating without a license for a significant amount of time. This meant that the company had not gone through the appropriate steps to get a license. Second, the company had received numerous complaints from citizens about their service. These complaints included allegations of excessive fees, unprofessional behavior, and other issues. Finally, the city had attempted to work with the company to get it licensed, but the company had refused to cooperate. The city’s decision to shut down Flash Towing had a number of benefits.

Flash Towing
Flash Towing

First, it ensured that citizens in the area were provided with a safe and reliable towing service. Second, it ensured that the company was in compliance with the city’s licensing regulations. Third, it allowed the city to take action against a company that was not following the law. Finally, it provided an example to other companies in the area that operating without a license is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The decision to shut down Flash Towing was a difficult one for the city to make, but it was necessary to protect the citizens of Portland. By taking action against Flash Towing, the city was able to ensure that citizens were provided with a safe and reliable towing service. Additionally, it provided an example to other companies in the area that operating without a license is not acceptable and will be punished. Finally, it allowed the city to take a stand against a company that was not following the law.

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