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The Temptation of Self-Towing :

Aside from towing your car with a rented dolly or carrier for a pre-planned event, you should never attempt to tow your own car. It can be very tempting to try your own tow job. Accidents or unexpected breakdowns are stressful and frustrating, and doing it yourself can seem like a quick. Some of the top reasons people attempt their own tow are
  • They believe they will save money. 

  • They have a DIY mindset and want to conquer the problem themselves. 

  • The tow is such a short distance they believe it will be easier and faster to do it themselves. 

In reality:a makeshift tow job carries many potential risks, and you should always think twice about attempting one. Here are some of the top reasons why you should not attempt to tow your own car:

Reasons Why Towing Your Own Car Is A Bad Idea

Towing your own car seems like a good idea. There are numerous online articles and tutorials that explain how you can just hook your car up to the back of a truck or RV and tow away. We've all seen someone on the road trying to tow their own car using another vehicle and a common rope. This strategy is incredibly problematic and dangerous.

The DIY towing process seems like it is easy and would save you money from having to hire a towing company, but the reality is very different than some online videos make it seem. Towing your own car has a lot of risks and can get you in a worse situation than the one you began in. In this post, we explain when you can tow your own car and the other times when towing your own car is a bad idea.

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Three dangers of DIY towing

Objective: Here we take a look at five dangers of DIY towing that mean professional assistance is almost always the best option.

Exterior Vehicle DamageOne of the most important reasons to call car towing professionals is that they have the proper frames, axles, and tools to haul away vehicles safely. When drivers attempt DIY towing, they often do so with a rope, chain, or other unsafe methods, which inevitably allows the car being towed to drift and jolt dangerously. Both vehicles can easily sustain severe exterior damage from colliding into each other or from the improper DIY towing tools themselves.

Interior Vehicle DamageTowing professionals are also better suited to hauling vehicles because their trucks are outfitted with specially designed engines that allow them to carry significant weight during a tow. Most typical consumer cars simply don't have the engine power to safely pull another vehicle's weight. During a DIY tow, if the vehicle that's being pulled weighs more than the lead vehicle's maximum load capacity, the lead vehicle's engine, brakes, and transmission can all be severely damaged.

Unsafe Driving: To tow safely, the driver must know how to maneuver with all of the extra weight and length of the vehicle that's being pulled. Towing professionals are trained and experienced in special safe driving methods, including making extra wide turns and taking additional precautions when towing uphill or downhill. It's unlikely that an untrained driver attempting a DIY tow will know to use these methods and take such precautions. Their inexperience will increase the risk of accidents, vehicle damage, and even serious injury.

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Road rules when it comes to Towing a Car, Van, SUV or Truck:

Many are not aware that towing a car is a highly specialised task. If a person towing a vehicle gets even a single procedural guideline wrong, they can put lives at risk.

Towing is a task that should never be taken lightly. Or delegated to amateurs.

Tow truck drivers go through hours of training and must pass tests before the RTA will allow them to tow vehicles that have broken down on the road.

Road rules as they relate to towing a vehicle

A vehicle may not be towed if its taillights are not operating effectively or if it is carrying dangerous goods that risk public safety

A driver must not tow a trailer unless they can control the trailer while driving

The following vehicles cannot be towed under any circumstances – bicycles, wheeled recreational devices, wheeled toys or wheelchairs

A driver may not tow more than one vehicle at a time


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