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Ultimate Towing Services

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Ultimate towing is located at Harwood Heights, Illinois US, providing ultimate customer service. They start their service in early in 1997, beginning with a used tow truck and some employees. They are the achievers who put the first heavy duty wrecker on the road. They provide services like auto towing services, local towing, flatbed towing, winch&recovery, roadside assistance etc.One of their plus point is their professional, friendly staffs and courteous in assisting you with your towing needs.

With over the long years of towing experience Ultimate Towing has the experience, the expertise and the equipment to handle even the biggest towing jobs. They also provide computer simulated recovery program. Ultimate Towing have been performing their own vehicle inspections for over fifteen years now. Supervisor performs a full monthly assessment, similar to the Highway Patrol’s annual inspection. They never ending pursuit to offer the ultimate in customer service, they are the ultimate hook up.

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