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We have the expertise to handle your vehicle or commodity large or small. Our employees are Nationally Certified Wrecker Operators, with many years of experience.. Tony's Wrecker Service, INC. is located at Louisville, Kentucky-40245, US. Please call us at 502-426-4100 for all your requirements on towing services.

Tony's Wrecker Service, INC. Company
: 12203 Westport Road
: Louisville
USDOT: 454876
: Kentucky
MC-No: MC-251906
: 40245
Phone Number
: 502-426-4100
: None

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While I am waiting for a second tow truck I decided to review my experience with tony's towing service. I call roadside assistance when my truck broke down. I was told it would be an hour. It was over 90 today so I walked 1 street home about 180ft. 10 min later I get a call from tony's wrecker yelling that his driver can not find my truck. I told him I was 1 street over and would be there in less than a minute. Then he said they were busy and could not stay. I jumped in my car and pulled up behind the driver not 50 yards from my truck. The driver starts to pull away so I flashed my lights and he pulls over. Then the driver says he cannot stay as he has another run to make and he had been looking for my truck for over a half an hour. When I called him out on his lie (as it hadn't been 20 mins from my original call) he climb out of his wrecker wanting to fight. When I called tony's wrecker service to wanting to talk to the owner I was hung up on. If this is the unprofessional whey they do business I would be afraid to ever let them touch my of my cars.
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