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Towing in Burbank Company
: Burbank
: California
: 91506
Phone Number
: (818)938 2008
: 20

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For the last few years I neglected to get new windshield wipers because, well, the drought. I figured, there wouldn't be many rainy days, so I didn't bother to ever replace my wipers. Well, the wet-season hit LA hard this time around, and my windshield wipers were just not doing a good job at all. My visibility was very poor so when I turned left on Valley Circle from Roscoe, I didn't see the ditch across and ended up driving straight into it. Man it was bad. I tried at first to drive out of it, but I think there was too much mud, I couldn't get my car out. I looked up on my iphone for a tow truck company, and after trying 2 (one kept getting a busy signal, and the other told me it would take an hour and a half) I got to Towing in Burbank, who picked up and were really nice. Since it was raining the operator over the phone said it may take as much as 40 minutes for the tow truck to arrive. I was really bummed out, because I'm super eager to get home. A few minutes later, the operator called again and said they had a truck that just finished a job early and in my area and she pushed my place up so the driver can get to me first. He ended up arriving only 10 minutes later. Man I was so happy - the guy took a lot of care to make sure that he got my car out safely, and the whole procedure didn't take that much longer. I am so glad that these guys were around when I needed them. Thanks again Towing in Burbank
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