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1. Light up your life. The rear light panel must be running at all times, so check it before taking off on your trip and continue to check it when on the road. Your car has to show that the vehicles’ indicator is working, and some sort of warning of a failure.

2. Take your time. When towing a vehicles, you need to take your time and give yourself even more room to brake and man work. Bear in mind that braking will take longer and accelerating won’t be as rapid with a vehicles hitch to the back of your car. Bear in mind that braking will take longer and accelerating won’t be as rapid with a vehicles hitched to the back of your car.

3. Check your permit. On the off chance that you met all requirements for a full driving permit before January 1, 1997, then you’re qualified for drive a vehicle and trailer mix of up to 8,250 kg MAM However, in the event that you finished you’re driving test after that date, you can just drive a vehicle up to 3,500 kg and tow a trailer no heavier than 750 kg.

4. Get qualified. To tow heavier vehicles, you’ll to pass an additional driving test, so you’ll need some training. The vehicles organization run courses, as do many other training companies.

5. You don’t just have a car’s length to think about when towing you have to keep in mind to add the duration of the vehicles, too. So you will need to take corners wider to avoid cutting corners.

6. Be courteous. Bear in mind when driving that you might be slower than other traffic, so if you see a line of cars queue up after you pull over at a suitable stopping place and let them through.

7. Side Mirror… You need to be able to see more back than just the length of your car, so you will most likely need extension mirrors but remember to take them off when unhitched.

8. Empty vessels. When towing vehicles, it can’t have any passengers – and while not illegal, it would be rash to leave an animal inside, too.

9. Speed… Speed limits are different for vehicles that are towing, so make sure you don’t go faster than 50mph on single-carriageway roads or 60mph on dual carriageways. Oh, and towing service in the outside lane of the motorway is a no-no.

10. Plate up. Your vehicles must show your car’s registration number – which has to match to the essential British Standard and be lit at night.

How to choose the right Towing Company


Many people while driving their vehicle or in some other shifting process rarely do remember towing services. It is almost a void percentage one could never escape from taking a towing service. So it is indeed necessary at least you gain some knowledge about towing companies and tow truck drivers before you hire the services. There are certain basic things need to be considered while selecting a company to tow your vehicle or truck.

If you decide to seek services by calling companies through phone, not all companies will respond back actively. Some tend to answer the phone intermittently. Judging the novelty and quality of the service through telephone questionnaire may get you results ostensibly without having a clear cut view. But, still you can make your pace progress by querying them on their professional procedures and other terms and policies making sure they are familiar and responsible of the services what you are looking for.

The service that gives you a complete peace of mind is regarded as a most diligent one. Ensure you receive proper response from towers regarding the arrival time. If they could not reach you early, make sure you receive an honest exact time estimate of the arrival. This makes you get a sigh of relief that your vehicle be surly towed on time without hassle.

Check whether they arrived tow driver is a professional and he can do work with full confidence. The tower needs to have proper equipment and a well build trucking vehicle. Only a great shaped truck can tow your heavy weight sedan.

Do not hire towing company based on their offered price. Companies work excellent and possess various methods of tow depending upon the cost range like flatbed tow which is most often preferred. If you are really looking for a cost effective services, it is highly recommended to Choose The Tow Company whose cost is somewhere at the center.

These are some basic things need to be considered while hiring a towing company in order to experience a hassle free service even though the kind of service differs from circumstances.

Get to know about towing truck equipment

towing truck equipmentIn emergency especially when dealing with the struck vehicle on highway or in need of other towing aid, people do get panic and they immediately contact towing companies which generally comes with a driver, truck and certain equipment. It is not just enough to give a sigh of relief when you see towers to come aid you. Look for necessary equipment too as still most of the customers feel inconvenience in towing their vehicle after long hours of contacting company as they attend with only limited equipment.

The basic sets of towing equipment include:

  • Tie down chains
  • Ratchet straps
  • Accent lighting
  • Tow chains
  • Wheel lift
  • Dolly Straps
  • Safety triangles
  • Flares
  • Full size light bars
  • Tow dollies
  • Tire chains
  • Cables
  • Towing and recovery straps

The equipment issues arise because not all towing companies have predefined set of towing materials. Some companies financially aid tow truck drivers to buy necessary equipment on their own. Most of the towers perform their work on prior holding all necessary arrangements. In case, you contact individual tow truck driver make sure he is equipped with all of this gear.

The equipment not only just ends with physical accessories but also the other important equipment which is safety gear. In recent market, safety gear comes as a package that includes reflective vests, t-shirts, rain gear, jackets, sweatshirts, cold weather gear, work boots, hard hats, gloves and goggles. See to it you hire right towers with right equipment.