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1. Light up your life. The rear light panel must be running at all times, so check it before taking off on your trip and continue to check it when on the road. Your car has to show that the vehicles’ indicator is working, and some sort of warning of a failure.

2. Take your time. When towing a vehicles, you need to take your time and give yourself even more room to brake and man work. Bear in mind that braking will take longer and accelerating won’t be as rapid with a vehicles hitch to the back of your car. Bear in mind that braking will take longer and accelerating won’t be as rapid with a vehicles hitched to the back of your car.

3. Check your permit. On the off chance that you met all requirements for a full driving permit before January 1, 1997, then you’re qualified for drive a vehicle and trailer mix of up to 8,250 kg MAM However, in the event that you finished you’re driving test after that date, you can just drive a vehicle up to 3,500 kg and tow a trailer no heavier than 750 kg.

4. Get qualified. To tow heavier vehicles, you’ll to pass an additional driving test, so you’ll need some training. The vehicles organization run courses, as do many other training companies.

5. You don’t just have a car’s length to think about when towing you have to keep in mind to add the duration of the vehicles, too. So you will need to take corners wider to avoid cutting corners.

6. Be courteous. Bear in mind when driving that you might be slower than other traffic, so if you see a line of cars queue up after you pull over at a suitable stopping place and let them through.

7. Side Mirror… You need to be able to see more back than just the length of your car, so you will most likely need extension mirrors but remember to take them off when unhitched.

8. Empty vessels. When towing vehicles, it can’t have any passengers – and while not illegal, it would be rash to leave an animal inside, too.

9. Speed… Speed limits are different for vehicles that are towing, so make sure you don’t go faster than 50mph on single-carriageway roads or 60mph on dual carriageways. Oh, and towing service in the outside lane of the motorway is a no-no.

10. Plate up. Your vehicles must show your car’s registration number – which has to match to the essential British Standard and be lit at night.

Tips to Choose Best Towing Company

You have to be fastidious when picking a towing company. Calling the wrong company can be exceptionally disappointing particularly on the off chance that they can’t achieve you when they can. Here are a couple of tips that will help you pick the best company for the job.


Make beyond any doubt that a towing service is the thing that you require. Should you end up as an afterthought of the street or anyplace else in need of a tow, verify your auto or truck most likely can’t be determined securely. For instance, if smoke is originating from under the hood of your auto, you likely have an overheated motor and ought to just force over and hold up for your vehicle to chill off.

When you do require a towing service, you first ought to consider what your auto or truck’s objective ought to be. Would you like to take your auto to an automobile dealership? Then again would you like to take your truck to a particular technician or body shop?

It is a decent thought to contact your accident coverage organization when you require a towing company, as they likely have favored towing and wrecker service. Your safety net provider likewise may take care of a piece of the expense of a tow, contingent upon your protection arrangement.

If your vehicle needs to go to a dealership, call to ask whether the dealership has any favored towing and wrecker service suppliers. They regularly do, and will cover either part or the majority of the expense of the tow when you have your auto adjusted with them. The same general guideline applies to any favored workman or body shop.

Know About Illegal Towing Practices

Here are some of the more common laws that some towing companies violate. We all know that sometimes it seems there are just too many laws, however also we are happy that most of these laws exist as they are protecting us from harm. Our goal is to educate the general public about illegal practices by some towing companies that can be destructive to the public in general.

The most common complaint heard from the public is “my car was towed without proper cause”, followed by “something was stolen from my car though it was being towed”. Tow drivers are at times not right licensed to drive the type of tow truck that they are driving.

The laws allow for the appropriation and removal of illegally parked vehicles on both personal and public property. Some areas are towing vehicles without waiting the required 1 hour period in a public lot, while others you can get away with parking illicitly for 1 hour.

The next issue is theft of personal property while in the towed motor vehicle. Any time a vehicle that is unattended by the owner, and a number of other people have access to it, there stands to be risk of property theft.

Towed vehicle spoil is another area consumers can be hurt. Damages to a vehicle can happen when equipment is not properly maintained. A quality towing company will also have honorable values and want their clients to be safe, thus they would not hire an individual convicted of a major crime.