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Auto Transport – Choosing Between the Pickup and Delivery Options

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Earlier shipping a car from one state to another was not an easy task. But the emergence of auto Transport Company has made this task simpler and cost-effective. Shipping companies offers various options to transport your vehicle safely. It’s up to you to opt the best one that suits your need.

Choosing Between the Auto Transport Methods

With an auto transport company you have two trailer options to move your car: open transport method and enclosed method of shipping. Choosing wisely between these two methods lets you to save a lot.

If your need is to transport just an ordinary car and your primary focus is cost then go for open method. This method of shipment uses an open trailer to transport your car to your desired location. The best part of the shipment is that it is cheap and the worst part is that it does not provide protection against environmental dust, heat and storm as it uses open trailers.

If you own an exotic or luxury car and your primary focus is your cars safety then it’s recommended to choose an enclosed car shipping method. As the name suggest this type of shipment uses enclosed trailers to transport your car thereby providing protection against environmental dust, heat and storm.

Choosing Between the Auto Transport Delivery Options

Like shipping method transport companies offers two alternative ways to choose to get your car delivered to your desired location. One is door-to-door delivery and the another is terminal-to-terminal delivery.

In door-to-door delivery, your vehicle will be picked up and delivered at your front door. This type of delivery option is often expensive. It saves time as it is delivered to your homes front door and you don’t need to go anywhere to pick it up.

In terminal-to-terminal shipping method your car will be delivered to a nearby terminal. This type of delivery method is normally used wherever door-to-door delivery is not possible. This type of method is often cheap.


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